You might need a mentor.

As a Teaching Assistant and Booming Ground mentor, Emily has helped writers across the country inch one step closer to their literary goals. If you are looking to wet your feet in the writing world or are hiding a stack of poems under your bed, Emily offers one-on-one online mentorships, where you'll learn common pitfalls and tools of the trade while your work benefits from a second pair of eyes. Each session includes a close reading of up to ten pages of writing.

Pricing structure below. For queries and to book an Introductory Session, please email.



"Your thoughtful attention to my work and the respectful way that you offer editing suggestions has offered me a safe space to explore new ways of writing and seeing. The resources you have provided are also excellent. Working with you as a mentor has been an exhilarating process and I look forward to continued conversations!"

— M.E.C.


Introductory Session


It all starts here. Submit up to 10 pages of material for detailed feedback. Receive tried and tested tips for improving your writing practice. Front-loaded for maximum impact.

Subsequent Sessions


Flexible once-a-month sessions that suit your schedule. Designed for further illumination. Includes the review of up to 10 pages of material.

5-Month Mentorship


Know you're diving in? Plan for longterm once-a-month feedback and guidance and save $50.