In Review: Wood

As part of Poetry is Dead's Humour Issue, I had the opportunity to review Jennica Harper's third collection, Wood. This is a gritty, earthy, elegant piece of work, and I highly recommend it to your eyeballs. Also, I strongly suggest tracking down a copy of - or even a subscription to - Poetry is Dead magazine.

Here's a teaser of Harper's book (and my review).

"New this year from Anvil Press, Jennica Harper’s Wood drills to the core of the familiar and the fictional in a nuanced exploration of the makings of a person. The author of two previous collections, The Octopus and Other Poems and What It Feels Like for a Girl, Harper fills Wood with questions of fertility and family, growth and failure, turning over in tensile language what it means to be real. Rooted, economical, and sharp, Harper’s poems blur the line between dramatic monologue and memoir, Wood hammering out what it is we reach for, what it is we lack."

Huzzah for poetry!