In Print: Maisonneuve

I get to type some pretty cool and unexpected words today: I have a story in Maisonneuve.

My fiction child “Tremors” appears in the fall edition, Issue 69, accompanied by double-spread art photography, and I just couldn’t be more honoured.

There are so many shout-outs that need shouting, including incredible thanks to Maisonneuve’s editorial team of andrea bennett and Selena Ross. Credit also goes to Vancouver photographer and all-round mensch Grant Harder, who made wading out into the ocean at Jericho Beach seem like a great idea (and it totally was). I mean, this might be the closest I get to being a centrefold, y’all.

Photo credit: Grant Harder

Photo credit: Grant Harder

You can order your copy of Maisy here. I’ll be hoarding mine for the rest of time.


In Print: CV2 Vol. 40

It’s no longer Spring 2018, which mean I’ve been terribly remiss in celebrating the spring issue of Contemporary Verse 2, which was an all-poetry powerhouse. Vol. 40 Issue No. 4 featured my poem “Tipping” alongside thirty-two other “fired-up voices,” and you can still get your hands on this scrappy collection here. Many thanks to CV2 for including me.


In Print: SubTerrain #78

The subTerrain Winter Issue is out, and in it is my poem Interlock! Copies are on newsstands now. I have no qualms recommending this issue to you especially because the cover features illustrations by good friend and writer extraordinaire andrea bennett. Aren't they great? 


Leap Year: maybe the year we’ll find men / says a friend over drinks without meaning it.

An Interview: In Conversation with andrea bennett

I sat down a while back and had a conversation with good friend and poet andrea bennett on the wonderful world of submissions. We chatted about acceptance and rejection, and how to bounce back from disappointment. Read it here or by clicking the logo below, and check out Maisonneuve magazine for a regular dose of literary greatness.

Boobs is Launched!

I am happy to announce that Boobs is now out in the world! Boobs: Women Explore What It Means to Have Breasts was launched this past Friday at Heartwood Community Cafe, and the evening made me both laugh and cry with its wonderfulness. (Literally - I teared up more than once.) The readings spanned familiar topics including bra shopping and friend envy, introduced us to stories of illness and perseverance, and took a brave and bawdy look at all things breast. It was tops.

Pics are below, photo credit to the collection's fabulous editor Ruth Daniell.

If you would like to procure a copy of your very own Boobs, it can be purchased here, or ask your local indie!