Book Announcement: Lift


Friends, I have a book coming out.

It looks like this. It’s available for pre-order, and will arrive on your doorstep on May 1, 2019 from Thistledown Press.

Vancouver, there will be a book launch on Wednesday, May 22nd. For Victoria folk, Tuesday, May 14th. Saint John kindred, mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 25th (I know, it’s a long way away - I need to fly to you, bear with me).

It’s taken me forty minutes to write this post, because I don’t have the words. But it’s taken me years to be able to type this announcement, and I’m not taking any bit of it for granted.

I have a book coming out.

In Print: Maisonneuve

I get to type some pretty cool and unexpected words today: I have a story in Maisonneuve.

My fiction child “Tremors” appears in the fall edition, Issue 69, accompanied by double-spread art photography, and I just couldn’t be more honoured.

There are so many shout-outs that need shouting, including incredible thanks to Maisonneuve’s editorial team of andrea bennett and Selena Ross. Credit also goes to Vancouver photographer and all-round mensch Grant Harder, who made wading out into the ocean at Jericho Beach seem like a great idea (and it totally was). I mean, this might be the closest I get to being a centrefold, y’all.

Photo credit: Grant Harder

Photo credit: Grant Harder

You can order your copy of Maisy here. I’ll be hoarding mine for the rest of time.


In Print: CV2 Vol. 40

It’s no longer Spring 2018, which mean I’ve been terribly remiss in celebrating the spring issue of Contemporary Verse 2, which was an all-poetry powerhouse. Vol. 40 Issue No. 4 featured my poem “Tipping” alongside thirty-two other “fired-up voices,” and you can still get your hands on this scrappy collection here. Many thanks to CV2 for including me.


In Print: SubTerrain #78

The subTerrain Winter Issue is out, and in it is my poem Interlock! Copies are on newsstands now. I have no qualms recommending this issue to you especially because the cover features illustrations by good friend and writer extraordinaire andrea bennett. Aren't they great? 


Leap Year: maybe the year we’ll find men / says a friend over drinks without meaning it.